The Great Ocean Beer Weekend

We have developed a hands-on beer weekend that will allow you to develop your own brew, sample some great beers, and enjoy the world-class scenery. We have a small nano brewery adjacent to our award winning hostel and a production brewery 18 km from Port Campbell and located on a small vineyard.

Over the three days, you will be able to discuss brewing techniques with leading industry figures. A minimum of four participants will be required, with a maximum of eight, to ensure that we can develop up to 200-litres of a beer to a recipe of your choice (this to be agreed prior to the weekend).

Once this has finished fermentation we will then bottle the product and send to you!

Our itineraries can be adjusted to suit, but a basic agenda would be as follows:

Friday pm

Travel to Port Campbell either by motor vehicle or, why not catch a train to Camperdown where we will pick you up in our 8 seater VW Caravelle? Refreshments will, of course, be available for the 45-minute trip to the brewery.

Settle into your accommodation – first in always gets the best bunk! Then downstairs to check and prepare the ingredients. After grinding the malt, weighing out the ingredients and ensuring everything is in order, sit back and relax with a complimentary welcoming beer or two.

Dinner will be provided and what better than a tasty pizza with beer!

Saturday am

An early morning walk to the bay and then home for a great coffee! Breakfast will be either pancakes and coffee or bacon and eggs – it’s your choice. Now the formal part of the day commences. Our brewer, Julian Widera and retired microbiologist and avid home brewer, Professor John O’Grady, will discuss brewing techniques. This session will be at whatever level you, our guests, feel comfortable with.

Then we start the brew! Each participant will be given a job to do under the guidance of Julian and John. During the course of the day, we will supply sustenance by the way of food and beverages. Once we have finished the brewing we will then take a break and prepare for dinner.

Dinner will be in the brewery, and guests’ will be served a selection of German sausages, saukraut and speck. After the main meal, we will sample a selection of local cheeses. Julian will discuss paring the various beers with the food and condiments.

Sunday am

Up early for a coffee and pancakes/bacon and eggs then out to visit the 12 Apostles. An optional helicopter flight can be included at cost price. Once we have finished taking in some of Australia’s most iconic scenic sites, we will drive to the production brewery.

Along the way, we call into GORGE Chocolates, followed by Apostle Whey Cheese before arriving at our production brewery at Cooriemungle. Julian will take us on a tour of the brewery, then we will settle back and take in the pristine views across the vineyard.

We finish off the day with a sheep-on-a-spit and, of course, a few beers to wash down the meal. We will then drive back to Port Campbell and take our farewells. If you have taken the train option, you will be driven to the Camperdown station for an afternoon departure.

Follow up

In six weeks you will receive your finished product of 72 x 330 ml stubbies.


John Moloney & Julian Widera
John Moloney & Julian Widera
Professor John O’Grady
Professor John O’Grady

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