Year Round Beers

The Promiscuous Ale

ABV 4.8% EBC 6 IBU 25
This Kölsch is a traditional German Ale with a magnificent golden colour. It starts with a light fruity flavour, followed by a crispy malt character and finishing with a smooth bitterness at the end.

Bully Forbes

ABV 5% EBC 38 IBU 17
This Dunkel Munich is a dark German lager which pleases the taste buds with a roasted note. This lager is based on authentic Munich malt which results in a full-bodied beer without being heavy. Moderate bitterness finishes this beer nicely.

Two Mile

ABV 5.9% EBC 12 IBU 50
Two Mile is an English IPA for the big boys. With its higher alcohol content and a true to type bitterness for an IPA, this beer displays the beautiful truth all craft beer lovers crave.

Gurley Gold

ABV 4.8% EBC 5 IBU 13
This is a traditional Bavarian beer in which a significant proportion of malted barley is replaced with malted wheat. It is top-fermented and a specialised strain of yeast is used which produces overtones of banana and cloves as a by-product of fermentation. A perfect beer for a hot summer day.

Seasonal Beers

Nitrogen Strawberry Stout

ABV 5.2% EBC 98 IBU 13
Close your eyes for a moment and think oatmeal. Chances are you are imagining mum with a hot bowl of stick-to-your ribs breakfast nutrition. But that’s not all. Because it is your birthday she adds Strawberries into it! It comes smooth and gives a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of Stout. (Keg Only)

The Forgotten Apostles

ABV 5.9% EBC 12 IBU 50
This Indian Pale Lager has a crisp and clean body from its lager yeast and an authentic bitterness from its older cousin, the IPA. What this means for craft beer drinkers is that it combines the best of both worlds; not only for good old hopheads but also for those new craft beer drinkers coming across to the dark side for the first time

The Wedge Tail

ABV 6.8% EBC 9 IBU 74
This American Indian Pale Ale is associated with the American Craft Beer Revolution. In the 19th century, this type of beer was heavily hopped to allow it to be transported over long distances. It was the intention to dilute the beer but as you would agree the taste was superb and the beer was sold as it is.