The people behind the beer

The extraordinary people that make our beers simply better

John Moloney

Head Honcho

“I always fancied the idea of being a publican, but had to wait until I retired to go one better – a brewer.”
Some retirement!


You can take the boy from the bush but not the bush from the boy

Jim Dobbin

Chief Executive Officer/Grammar Checker

“I drink therefore I am”


Julian Widera

Head Brewer (Apprentice Dictator)

“The hardest part about my job is not only the quality control and market research, but also convincing society that this is part of my job and not a drinking problem!”

Marion Klink

Stylist and Dutch Courage

The obligatory Dutch amongst the Germans to quell any attempts to take over the world. It is Marion’s impeccable style you see throughout the breweries and hostel …and rumour has it that she is the secret behind John’s sartorial elequence.

Dr Louise North

Special Agent 
South-West Victoria

“Beer was just beer until Sow & Piglets found me (a wine merchant), and showed me the light. Now I can’t stop talking about it and tasting it with restaurateurs, publicans and retailers in my beloved South West Victoria.”

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Kai Greinus

Events Manager

“After running a Brewpub in Germany, I travelled the world seeking each country’s beer flavours, ending up in Oz …and serving German beer styles.”

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John "The Professor" O'Grady

The Professor

John is the youngest member of our team, aged in oak.


Michael Punch

Brewer's Assistant

“With beer, I love the variety of styles and being creative with different hop combinations when brewing.”

There’s no show without punch

Josh Burke

Brewer's Assistant

“The best part about drinking beer is when you drink it.”

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